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Reiki Practitioner Certification

This is open to anyone interested in helping themselves or others to become healthier.

We all have an innate ability for healing. Learning how to be a channel for Reiki energy is something anyone can do. There are three levels of Reiki and each level has a different purpose and focuses on different qualities.

Level I :

The First level of Reiki is focused mainly on cultivating an increased awareness of the body and becoming more open to allowing greater quantities of life force energy to flow through the body. Upon completion of this level participants will be able to comfortably give themselves and their families a Reiki treatment.  The first initiation attunes the heart, throat, third eye and crown centres of our field. 

Level II

The second level of Reiki would be for someone wanting to share Reiki treatments with others beyond family and friends on more of a practitioner level. Completing this level brings a deeper understanding and integration of the Reiki energy as well as the gift of Reiki Symbols that can be used to empower the Reiki energy. The techniques of Long distance Healing techniques are introduced and practiced. The 2nd attunement focuses on the crown, and opening the energy of the spine to travel through the body to the hands and feet. 

Level III

The third level of Reiki is for practitioners who want to teach Reiki to others. The two focuses of this level are to attune to the higher frequencies of Reiki energy and be able to channel that energy, and to learn the techniques for passing on the Reiki Ray to other people. This initiation further opens the crown chakra, our connecting link to spiritual consciousness, and its corresponding physical partner, the pineal gland. 

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